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Welcome to the Country Pond Fish & Game Club renewal website. By logging in and renewing your membership, you affirm the following;

As a Club Member, participant, official, volunteer or spectator at Country Pond Fish & Game Club, I acknowledge that I am fully aware of the risks involved in any activity at the club in which I may chose to participate. I hereby agree to assume all risks involved in participating or watching others participate. I do hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Club, its Officers, Directors, Members and all individuals participating or working in these, or any other activities taking place in or around the Club and Club grounds, against and from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages, and all other liabilities, of whatever nature, arising out of, in any way connected with, or resulting from these activities, including without limitation the manufacture, selection, delivery, possession, use and operation of any equipment, and any conditions of the natural environment.

I agree to participate in these activities in accordance with whatever rules, instructions, and regulations presented to me.

I understand that still, audio/video, and/or motion picture photography may occur during my presence on Club property and, as long as I am in the general area, I me be incidentally included in such photography. Should I wish to be excluded from such photography, I understand that it is my responsibility to be aware of photographic activity and remove myself from the area or event being photographed or recorded. Absent such action on my part, I hereby grant the Club, its agents, volunteers, sponsors, beneficiaries, heirs, and assigns the right to use my photographic and video image(s) in the pronotion of the shooting sports or the CLub in general as it chooses in its sole discretion without compensation.

I hereby agree that jurisdiction for any action pertaining to this release share lie exclusively in Rockingham County, in the State of New Hampspire, and shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of New Hampshire, without reference to conflict of laws' provisions. If any portion of the release is found to be invalid, the offending portion shall be stricken and the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.

I hereby vertify that I am not prohinited from possessing, selling, owning, or transferring firearms under state or federal law; I (A) have not be convicted of a felony that has not been annulled or expunged; or (B) have not been convicted of a violation of 18 USC$922 that has not been annulled or expunged; and (C) am not a member of an organization that advocates the violent overthrow of the United States Government; and that I am not barred by any law from the possession, use, or control of firearms.

I further affirm that I have read and understand the CPF&G Club Constitution, current Club Bylaws, and all Rules.

By logging in and renewing your membership, I affirm the statements above.

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